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Bolivian Soul is a family business. Our products are made with Bolivian fabrics handmade by their own people. At Bolivian Soul we are proud of our culture: our mission is to make it known to the world so that they can appreciate and admire as much as we do, the immense cultural beauty that this great country possesses.


Bolivia is a country full of tangible and intangible riches, full of culture and traditions, which deserve to be shared with the world. The worldview of the peoples that preserve their origin without being altered by clinging to their roots allows traditions not to be lost.



Bolivian Soul not only offers you its own designs but also includes art from different Bolivian artists like painters, illustrators, graphic designers, etc. so we can promote them and their work to make the world know their wonderful talent. With each product, you will be able to know each designer and their own history.

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